The Spanish Gatekeeper Series

This story, told in three parts, is about two young cousins, Bonifacia and Peter. Bonnie lives in Galica (northern Spain) and comes from a family of minor aristocrats. Her cousin, Peter, the son of a wealthy biscuit manufacturer, lives in London and attends an English public school. It is the year1900. With the war in South Africa at its height, Peter travels to Galicia for the summer. While chasing a "Spanish Gatekeeper" (a type of butterfly) for Bonnie's collection, the pair uncover a ruin they believe is linked to lost treasure from the Spanish Main. A precious family heirloom holds the key.

Peter and Bonnie are in for a shock when they emerge on another world inexplicably connected to Earth and inhabited, moreover, by creatures both familiar and unfamiliar. Their attempt to return home is frustrated at every turn and made all the more perilous by a developing civil war. Fate tears the cousins apart and they are forced to journey down very different roads. Will they ever be re-united? Will Peter and Bonifacia see Earth again? One thing is certain, their lives will never be the same.

The books do contain some challenging vocabulary and many historical references. "Suitable for ages 14 and up."

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BOOK I - Empire of the Ulfair

BOOK II - Gwellem's Hitch

BOOK III - Ogy're War

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