The Spanish Gatekeeper Book III – Og'yre War

The Spanish Gatekeeper Book III - Og'yre WarThe concluding book in The Spanish Gatekeeper series. Five years have elapsed since Bonifacia and Peter were marooned on TNX-37B. Unable to locate his beloved cousin or the “wizard” Thomajun, Peter carves out a new life for himself in the military service of Bakus Sura. Bonifacia, meanwhile, has embraced the rough life of a seafaring Weshnut and is flourishing as a “Samkan Loyalist.” The foundations of Gwellem civilization are weakened by the collapse of the Empire and the Weshnut Dominion. It is an unexpected opportunity for the Og’yre queen to reassert her power. Once again, combined Og’yre and Madærgal armies are on the march! Ósir technology may offer the only real hope for turning back the tide. The search for Thomajun is renewed. At long last, a doorway back to Earth beckons, but at what cost?


Book III has the answers, not all expected.


Adventure is no more than discomfort and annoyance
recollected in the safety of reminiscence.
                                                                     ―Gary Jennings


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