The Spanish Gatekeeper Book I – Empire of the Ulfair

The Spanish Gatekeeper Book I - Empire of the UlfairThe summer of 1900, an English schoolboy named Peter de Soto vacations in northern Spain at the home of his cousin, Bonifacia Espasande. While chasing a butterfly for Bonnie’s collection the pair stumble upon an underground passage linked to a treasured family heirloom. They investigate, only to find themselves trapped on a distant world with a number of baffling connections to Earth.

Mired in a shattering civil war, the cousins are driven apart and forced to travel starkly different roads. The Duke of Menom uses Peter to further his political ambitions by passing him off as the “lord arbiter imperial,” a long dead blood relation. Peter is quietly befriended by a Bakan archer in the duke’s service and is guided by Joshkar through his first brush with battle.

In due course, Peter learns that his only real hope of ever returning home lies with an elusive “wizard” named Thomajun and that he must trek to Bakus Sura to seek him out. His life takes an even stranger twist when he finds himself saddled on this perilous journey with a great responsibility—the safety of Princess Aixûs, last of the Ulfair royal house. Bonifacia, meanwhile, is rescued from the duke’s clutches by a common soldier named Henrik and aided in her own struggle for survival by an acquisitive Gno’man named Gemesh. Captured by fiendish Og’yre and traded to the seafaring Weshnut, Bonifacia and her two companions face a seemingly dark and uncertain future.

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BOOK II - Gwellem's Hitch

BOOK III - Ogy're War © 2010 Bernard Dukas