The Spanish Gatekeeper Book II – Gwellem's Hitch

The Spanish Gatekeeper Book II - Gwellem's HitchThe second of three books in The Spanish Gatekeeper series, Gwellem’s Hitch picks up the story of cousins Peter and Bonifacia, marooned on a distant planet.

Peter’s sole ambition is to reunite with Bonnie, torn from his side by civil war, and to find the “wizard” Thomajun, who is said to hold the key to the portal home. A case of mistaken identity has saddled Peter with responsibility for the princess royal—last of the Ulfair royal house— and obliged him to make the difficult trek to Bakus Sura. Bonifacia’s own attempt at repatriation has cost the freedom of her friend Gemesh, an acquisitive Gno’man, and jeopardized the life of the young akritar, Henrik, who has received a virtual death sentence at the hands of the seafaring Weshnut.

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